Eastbrook Office

Located where the Brookfield and Wauwatosa meet our unique office park offers ease and convenience for both clients and employees.

Escape the stuffiness of a typical office with windows that open and patios and balconies that allow in natural light and fresh air making for a better experience.

Minutes from Mayfair Mall and The Collection as well as I-45.

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Windsor Office Park

Located in Pewaukee, Windsor Office Park gives you multiple options. Whether you want to own an office condo or rent an office condo we have the spaces that will work for you.  On-site ownership and management ensures quick responses.  Near shopping, restaurants, hotels-we have it all.

Located 2 minutes from I-94 on Highway F (Redford Boulevard)

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Thomson Building

Located in Wauwatosa and 1 minute from Mayfair Mall we are the perfect location for your business.  Our smaller office building gives you the sense of a community of owners rather than one of the many.  It’s a great location.

Located on North Avenue and minutes from I-45 and Highway 100.


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